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Open PDF files right in your web browser without opening another program

Open PDF files right in your web browser without opening another program

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Program license: Free

Program by: Nitro PDF


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Program license

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Program by


Nitro PDF

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PDF Download is an extension for Firefox that allows you to view PDF files without saving them to your hard drive. This is a great time saver for anyone who views PDF files regularly. Instead of converting PDF files to a readable format, the extension simply opens it up in a viewable state instantaneously.

Full Control of Your Files

PDF Download also gives you a variety of options when viewing a PDF. You can use the OCR mode to search through documents with ease. There is also the ability to reorder, add, or eliminate pages with only a few clicks. This is excellent for making last-minute revisions to crucial work documents. You can even add comments to any documents you share with others. Commenting directly in the document is a great way to clarify information that may be difficult to parse in collaborative works.

You also get a suite of conversion tools to help you manage other text documents. You can convert text files, images, and even word documents to PDF format. This is a great way to add some professionalism to any files you send at work.

Easy to Master

Everyone can use the PDF Download extension due to the handy quick start guide. This simple tutorial loads up the first time you open the software. It gives you a quick rundown of how to use each feature of the extension. If you forget anything from the presentation, you can always refer back to it in the help section options menu. The layout is clean and easy to read on smaller screens. There is a menu bar that houses all of the most commonly used functions of the program. With a single click, you can place annotations, highlight text, and give e-signatures.

Creating Documents

PDF Download allows you to make your own documents in a variety of ways. You can scan a physical piece of paper and create a digital PDF version of it. You can also convert many other file types to PDF format. It is even possible to merge multiple files into one larger document. This is great for combining research into one cohesive project. Once a new PDF is created, you can even set a password for security purposes. This makes it easy to share sensitive information while maintaining peace of mind.


PDF Download is the perfect solution to all of your PDF woes. Since it is a Firefox extension, it works on any device that already has Mozilla's browser running. You can seamlessly work between devices to get things done even faster. The ability to view and edit PDF documents without downloading them is a game-changer. The suite of conversion options is also great for improving the professionalism of your projects. While there is a paid version that blocks some functionality, the free version gives you everything you need to manage your files with aplomb.


  • Instantly open PDF files right in your browser
  • Quick and easy conversion to and from PDF format
  • Makes e-signatures a breeze
  • Improves stability of Firefox when handling longer documents


  • Free version doesn't support advanced editing features
  • Doesn't let you embed multimedia files into your PDF

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